Program K1

Academic year

Why the K1 program?

The K1 program was created to offer a more economic choice for those interested in entry into private schools and in the USA. It means that you have some of the most prestigious schools in the US available, without the high price. The main difference to the F1 program is that your school is selected for you, and rather than you choosing yourself. We always try to keep your interests and hobbies in mind to get the best option for you. Students live with volunteer host families, in order to get the most out of their cultural experience abroad.


The K1 plus program guarantees you’ll get a place at a school with a minimum of 200 students.

Program K1 USA
Program K1 USA


Here are the key points:

  • Schools available: private schools from 3rd year of “ESO” and  2nd year of “BACHILLERATO”.
  • Ages: 14 – 18.
  • Academic year or one semester.
  • Accommodation: volunteer host family, half pension during the week and full pension on the weekend.
  • Limited availability. Contact us!
  • Supervised transport from airport to host family, local supervisor, emergency 24 hour phone line.
  • Prices from €18,900 or €21,900 with the K1 Plus.
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