Language course: Japanese


Learn Japanese with the best native teachers

Learning Japanese is not just about the language. It’s about learning a new culture and new traditions. Everything about Japan is artistic, refined and cultured. The Japanese people have a tremendous respect for tradition. The country has led the world in technology for years.

Learn Japanese

Japanese culture

Japan is a unique country. The lucky people who are able to visit this country have an unforgettable experience, and always want to return. The food, traditional clothes, and the technology that it is available. Of course, you will learn to appreciate manga, martial arts, and Japanese food. You will enjoy learning the language, geography, and history, with our native teachers.

The language

Starting to lean Japanese is not complicated, especially the pronunciation of the phonemes. Our students will be surprised by how similar the phonetic side of the language is to Spanish, which means you can pick up the basics quickly. Enseñalia offers Japanese courses throughout the academic year, intensive summer programs, and online courses.

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