1-RESPONSIBILITY: TEACHING LAND, with TIN B-99311359  and registered office at calle Juan de Urbieta, 43, 28007 Madrid, possesses signed agreements that allow it to act as a delegate in Spain to language schools, business schools and universities specialised in the training of students and professionals from different disciplines accross the world. The final contract of any kind of service abroad by a participant will be made with the provider of the service in the chosen country, which is the final responsible person for the quality of the programs and for meeting the conditions offered in their advertising.

2-INSCRIPTION: participants will make their inscription by filling up the corresponding card provided through TEACHING LAND S.L. or through any of the centre’s collaborating institutions.

3-PLACE RESERVATION: All reservation must be accompanied by the payment of the following amount for reservation and management costs. This amount, paid on account, will be discounted from the toal price to be paid by the client. The amounts to pay in order to make the place reservation are:
-Courses for youngsters abroad: 450 €
-Courses for adults abroad: 350 €
-Courses in Spain: 250 €
-School year abroad (1, 2 or 3 trimesters) 900 €

No reservation that is not accompanied by the receipt of the aforementioned payment will be processed. The ACCOUNT NUMBER to make any payment is:
BANKINTER, ES49 0128 0402 55 0100027497 -OWNER: TEACHING LAND S.L.
A first payment for the reservation will be made through a bank transfer or a money deposit provided upon execution of the program reservation.

4-ADAPTATION TO CUSTOMS of the countries where the programs are carried out, and rules of obligatory compliance. During the program, the student will adapt to the way of life and customs of the country. The rules of conduct in the destination countries, the customes, meals, schedules, distances and, in general the lifestyle of those countries where the programs are carried out, which are usually very different to the customary way of living and customs in Spain. Therefore, it is necessary for the participant to adapt to them.

5-RESPECT OF THE LAWS: The student commits to respecting the laws of the country where the program takes place, as well as the rules of dicipline of the diverse rganizations, schools, centres, universities and schools who take part in the realization of the program. Particularly, the student commits to respecting the rules relative to schedules, the obligation of attending to class, rules of conduct and cohabitation with professors, classmates, and families, prohibitions of tobacco, alcohol, and drug consumption, etc. In case of breach of the laws of the country where the program is taking place, lack of discipline, reiterated misbehaviour, or breach of the rules of discipline of the diverse organizations, schools, centres, universities, schools, etc., the school might be expelled from the program. In that case, they will have to accept their responsability for the expenses caused by their anticipated return to Spain, and they will lose all the amounts paid.

6-PASSPORTS AND DOCUMENTATION: All participants who contract a program, minors included, will need to have regularized personal documentation (individual passport, ID, police authorizations, etc.), in accordance with the rules of the country where the contracted program is carried out. Additionally, we recommend to travel with the European health card, which can be obtained through the INS or the internet. The obtention of visas, when the legislation of the country where the program takes place requires it, will be borne by the client.

7-PROBLEM RESOLUTION: in case of a complaint about the courses contracted, the families or the residences assigned, we ask students to let their area coordinator know immediately. They will let the direction in Spain know immediately, TEACHING LAND S.L. provides the client with a hotline where they will be able to express possible nonconformities in the provision of the services. TEACHING LAND S.L. will act exclusively as a mediator between the client and the service provider.

8-ATENTION TO MINORS: if any minor required atransfers to their own activities, a written request will be issued, which will include a signed authorization from their parents or legal tutors. In this case, the participant will not be in touch with their coordinator, and therefore them or their parents will have to be the ones to get in touch with the direction in case a problem arises. Participants in residence programs cannot leave the facility under any circumstance.

9-USE OF THE PARTICIPANT’S IMAGE: TEACHING LAND S.L. reserves the right to use photos and other materials derived from the organization of the programs that coordinators or participants in a program give them as advertising material, as long as there is no previous expressed opposition from the participant. Nevertheless, the aforementioned tacit authorization may be revocable at any moment by the participant.

10-PARTICIPANT’S MEDICAL AND/OR SURGICAL TREATMENT: El participantwill have to let the service provider know whether they are subjected to any medical and/or pharmacological treatment during their stay in the destination country and during the time the course is taking place. It is understood that, at the moment the program starts the participant is in perfect physical and mental health, and that the medical information that accompanies the dossier is faithful and complete. Otherwise, the service provider gets an exemption from any kind of responsibility stemming from the fake character of this information. Likewise, in case the client needs medical treatment, and/or needs to be hospitalised and/or surgically intervened, and the service provider has been unable to reach their parents, tutors or legal representatives, the service provider is authorized to take whatever measures they consider most convenient for the client’s health.

11-PRICE REVISION: Prices of programs developped in countries whose currency is not the Euro are subjected to possible variations as a consequence of foreign currencies’ fluctuations, an increase in transport tariffs, or the applicable taxes according to the general conditions. Outside the Eurozone, the cost of the programs is calculated on the basis of the following values: 1 pound sterling: 1.27 €; 1 American dollar: 0.90 €; 1 Canadien dollar: 0.68 €. The variations in prices will be notified to the customer in writing, the later being able to quit the journey or accept the modification of the contract with no penalization of any sort.

12-CANCELLATION, NO PRESENTATION AND/OR ABANDONNEMENT OF A PROGRAM:In case a customer decides to canel their participation in the contracted program for any reason whatsoever before the later starts, will need to notify the service provider via registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt remitted to TEACHING LAND S.L., Juan de Urbieta 43, 28007 MADRID, to the attention of the director of courses abroad. The client will have the right to the return of whatever payments made. Nevertheless, the client will have to pay and, if the case allows it, the service provider will be able to retain the amount corresponding to the damages caused, among which are the management and annulment expenses. These penalties do not operate in case the cancellation by the client is due to  force majeure reasons.

13-ALTERATIONS AND INCIDENCES IN A PROGRAM: El The service provider commits to providing the costumers with the full services they have contracted, on the stipulated conditions and characteristics. Nevertheless, the following considerations will have to be taken into account:

13.1. In case the service provider is compelled to modifying in a significant way some essential element of the contract, included the price, before the start of the program, they will have to let the client know immediately. The later will be able to terminate the contract without any charge, or make a modification of it. In case they decide the later, the service provider  will specify the modifications that have been introduced, as well as their repercussion in the price.

13.2. The client will need to communicate the decision taken within the three days that follow the notification of the modification. In case the client does not notify their decision within three days, it will be understood that they want the contract terminated with no charge of any sort.

13.3. In case the service provider is compelled to cancelling any of the courses for causes that are not attributable to the client, or in case the client decides to terminate the contract pursuant to sections 1 or 2, the service provider will offer the client an alternative course of the same or superior quality, or will reimbourse the total amounts paid by the client.

13.4. There will be no obligation of the service provider to indemnify the client when the cancellation of the course is due to reasons of force majeure.

13.5. There will be no obligation either from the service provider to indemnify the client in case the cancellation of the course is due to an inability to reach the minimum number of people required for its effective implementation. In these cases, the service provider will notify the client in writing, with a minimum of 20 days prior to the start of the program, that the minimum number of participants has not been reached, and therefore the course has been cancelled. In this assumption, the cancellation of the course due to an inability to reach the minimum number of participants the client will have the right to the reimboursement of all the payments made.  

13.6. The differences and/or complaints that arise in the client’s opinion will need to be notified to the service provider immediately in a reliable way, aimed at offering a satisfying solution as shortly as possible. In the assumption that the solution suggested by the service provider is not satisfactory for the client, the later will have to notify the former within 2 days in a reliable way. The service provider will have to propose another solution to the customer within 2 days.

14-LEGAL REGULATION APPLICABLE TO THE CONTRACT AND AGREEMENT TO THE GENERAL TERMS : The present General Conditions are subject to whatever may be applicable from R.D.L. 1/2007 of 16th November, whereby the recast text of the Spanish Ley General para la Defensa de Consumidores y Usuarios, la Ley 7/1998, of 13th April, on the General Terms of Contract, and the Spanish Código Civil, is passed. The present General Conditions bind the parties, along with the particular conditions that may exist for specific courses and which, given the case will be notified to the client prior to the conclusion of the contract

Abiding by the Spanish Ley Orgánica 15/1999, of 13th December, on Personal Data Protection, the service provider informs you that your personal data encompassed in these general terms will be assimilated in a file whose owner is TEACHING LAND, S.L. for the service provider’s commercial and operational aims. Accepting these general terms implies a consent to carry out said treatment, and for its use with such aims. Likewise, we inform you about the possibility of exercising your access, rectification and cancellation rights in the terms stipulated in the current legislation, via communication at the following address: TEACHING LAND – C/Juan de Urbieta, 43 – 28007 Madrid

16-INSURANCES AND JOURNEY CANCELLATION: Clients will enjoy, if they wish, the coverage of a travel assitance insurance and another one of cancellation, none of them included in the prices of the programs. Coverage for each insurance will be established by the insurance company. TEACHING LAND S.L. only acts as an intermediary between the insurance companies and the customers. Undergae clients are compelled to have this policy or any policy of their choice with an acceptable minimum coverage for trips abroad. TEACHING LAND S.L. will not be responsible in any case for the service provided by the insurance company contracted by the client.

17-VALIDITY: These general conditions will be valid from the 1st January to the 31st December 2017. 

18-CONFLICT RESOLUTION Any conflict related to the programs will be solved by the competent Jurisdictional Organs according to the applicable law.

19-PARTICULAR CONDITIONS OF THE PROGRAMS: According to what has been agreed between the parties in each case, as well as those established for each course

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