General information

Zaragoza is a city right in the centre of Spain. It’s both the capital of the Province (which is also called Zaragoza), and of the region of Aragon. The city has a population of 702,426 people.

Right on the banks of the rivers Ebro, Huerva and Gallego, and the Imperial Canal of Aragon, in the centre of a beautiful valley. It’s 300km from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao y Toulouse.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»airplane» wrap=»i»] Main Airports:

  • Zaragoza Airport
  • Barcelona El Prat

[wp-svg-icons icon=»binoculars» wrap=»i»] Tourist attractions:

  • Pilar Cathedral
  • Aljafería Palace
  • The tower of water
  • Old town and ancient roman walls

Why Zaragoza?

  • A city with a diverse cultural make up
  • Multiple programs to adapt to your needs
  • Many sports

Programs and age recommendations


At our camps, the saftey of each child is a priority. For that reason, all relevant allergy information must be made available to us when the child signs up.. Each student will be given a bracelet with colours that indicate any important medical information that our teachers and monitors should be aware of. We would be grateful if you could make it clear how important it is that your child keeps the bracelet on throughout the duration of the camp.


To make it easy for each family to access our camps, reservations must be made on the page of the program you want to reserve. It’s possible to pay via bank transfer and it is possible to pay in various instalments.

Payment can be made into the following account:

  • Bank: Banco Sabadell
  • Account Number: ES37 0081 1522 9900 0121 8226
  • Account Holder: TEACHING LAND, S.L.
  • Concept: [Name of the program] (e.g: Football and English) + [Full name of the student]

Along with the confirmation from the second payment, it is also necessary to send a scan of your social security card.

Please send confirmation of your payment via email  info@ensenalia.com or fax to 976 225 015.


Should you cancel more than 30 days before the start date of the camp, all payments made will be returned with the exception of a €50 administration charge.

Should you cancel between 20 and 30 days before the start date of the camp, all payments made will be returned with the exception of the reservation fee.

Later than 15 days prior to the start date of the camp, it is not possible to return any payments made, unless the student will not be able to attend due for medical reasons verified by a doctor’s note. In this case, all payments made will be returned with the exception of the reservation fee. After the start date of the camp, no returns can be made. Enseñalia reserves the right to cancel a camp if that camp does not have a acceptable minimum number of students.

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