Football & English

Prove your ability!

Is there anything better than 3 weeks playing football?! Are you ready to face the Irish?
In our Football & English, you will have trainings throughout the morning in which you will learn and work on different disciplines and core abilities for the most famous sport. You will do it with Irish trainers, and of course, in English. A completely different experience!

This program is developped by the Irish Football Association (IFA), and it is held in different locations within Dublin at the same time, since it is very popular in Ireland.

Come and ashow what you are capable of doing with a ball. We are waiting for you in Ireland!

Program and schedules


  • Presentation of the staff and technical body of Football & English. First contact with the rest of Irish players and first training.

DAILY PROGRAM SINCE DAY 2 (Monday to Friday)

  • Mornings: 3 hours and a half of multidisciplinary training. You will train all the abilities that define a football player, both techniques (pass, running, dribble, shot, shoot with both legs and with the head…) as tactics.
  • This program will alow the player to learn quickly some football vocabulary and to increase their fluency with the language, since they will need to speak it.
  • Furthermore, if there is anything that allows children to develop close friendship ties, that is team sports. Empathy, solidarity, effort and healthy competitivity that players develop at this age are very important values that can be learnt from football.
  • Afternoons: players will do cultural activities such as visiting museums or important places in Dublin. They will join the students from the Robotics and Performing Arts programs.


  • Saturdays: Trip with the rest of groups: Cinematography, Robotics, Performing Arts and Teen 4
  • Sunday: Day to rest with the family.

AGES: 10-17

 DATES: Departure 3rd July – Return 24th July (3 weeks)

TYPE OF CENTRE:  Multiactivities complex


 3 weeks: 2780€




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