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UK and Ireland
The immersion that will change your life
Learn English the natural way, by listening, thinking, and speaking in English automatically. That’s what an immersion is all about. If you want to see what English school life is about without completing a one-year or one-term program, our international summer course is perfect for you. Or maybe you want to do something different on your holidays this year. Join our immersion program in Irish and English schools to have the opportunity to live the experience of becoming an English-speaking student in one of our many schools in England and Ireland.
school immersion
Objective: have a cultural experience and learn about the life of a student in England or Ireland. Improve your communication skills in English. You will have the contact details of your host family before you leave so that you can get to know them.


You will have the opportunity to see how academic life is in another country, including classes, the subjects, and making native friends that will help you to improve your English and enjoy your time abroad. The public schools we work with have a limited number of students from other countries. That’s how we are able to maximise the time students will spend with English or Irish children.

English with high school immersion
Family Accommodation
The families we work with are chosen because they are wiling to share their homes, cultures, and countries with our students. Many families host students year after year because they enjoy themselves so much.


Immersion in High School, Ireland, 4 weeks: €2895. Extra week: €405

Immersion In High School, England, 4 weeks: €3190. Extra 2 weeks: €1300

AGES: 10-17

 DATES:June and July (England) and September (Ireland). 4 weeks.

TYPE OF CENTRE: Public high School

MÁS INFO: inmersión en Irlanda y Reino Unido
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