Music Production

Let’s make some music!

Have you ever wondered how music is made? What secrets lie within the bands and in the production of a great album?

The sound engineer is a less known firgure in the music world, but they are as important as the rest for a CD to sound well and be successful. There are renowned musicians who are also producers, and that gives them a huge advantage in the process of music production. Come to the capital of Ireland for three weeks and you will learn how one of the best studios in the country works. Artists of international fame have recorded here, so don’t miss this chance!

If you want to introduce yourself in this world, this is your course.

Program and schedules

If you want to be a great sound engineer or a music production savvy, here you have the chance to focus on what you like the most for 3 weeks.

This course offers a very complete program aimed at introducing you to the world of production. Besides learning all the English vocabulary related to this world, you will carry out projects that will leave you astonished.

Furthermore, if you know how to play an instrument, you will be able to show your ability at the studio, and you will have the chance to record your favorite songs!

You will acquire basic knowledge on Ableton and Logic Pro X, two of the most important programs in the music industry, and they will teach you what a MIDI keyboard is and how it is used.

You will work in groups with  other Irish kids, and you will learn to create your own sound and to record daily objects such as bottle caps, metal tools, woods… and later, to process them with a computer.

Furthermore, you will receive the visit of a professional band, and you wil learn how to locate the microphones in order to record every instrument, how musiciens should be located at the studio, and many other important aspects in the recording process.

Take your first steps to become a great producer!

AGES: 12-17 (recommended)

 DATES: Departure on the 3d July – Return on the 24th
(3 weeks)

TYPE OF CENTRE: Recording studios


 3 weeks: 2995€




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