Bring out the genie you have inside!

Robotics and programming are currently the disciplines with the brightest future ahead. If we link these two ingredients with the English language, and we manage to get a funny, amusing mix, the result will be something magical. The course on Robotics is designed to be an unique experience in the hands of skilled professionals who will assist you in everything you need. You will awaken your creativity and your imagination, creating a robot in a team, and using concepts of technology, physicis, and mathematiques.

Since the atmoshpere is completely native, you will use the English language constantly and you will improve without even noticing it. Create instruction sequencies and make your robot come to life!

Prove the genie you have inside. Do you there?


You will be in high-level facilities, and you will see information technology-(IT) related subjects, which are so important in today’s world. 3D Design, graphic design and animation or videogame creation are some of the main subjects in this program!

The workshops start at 9:30 and last up to 15:30. Everyday will be a mix of different activities, always related to high tech. You will have a lunch pack at midday, as well as joint activities in English in the afternoons with the Football & English and Perfoming Arts groups.

On Saturdays, you will always have a scheduled trip with the rest of the groups, and on Sundays you will be able to rest and spend the day with your family.

AGES: 11-14 (recommended age)

 DATES: Depature on 3rd July – Return on 24th July
(3 weeks)

TYPE OF CENTRE: University campus


  3 weeks: 2890€




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